At Drum Innovation

we offer innovative drumming programs designed to unify teams, communities, and organizations.

Discover the Benefits

Accessible: No prior experience is required and there are no wrong notes. We have a number of different drum and percussion instruments to choose from in order to make sure that no one is left out.

Wellness Focused: Drumming connects the mind and body to the present moment, organizing thoughts about the self and brings positive connections that help deepen group relationships.

Instant Success: Our skilled facilitators assist teams in recognizing their inherent ability to synchronize and utilize this unified rhythm to create an engaging musical experience. Moreover, the inherent pleasure of drumming is contagious, lighthearted, and gratifying.

Develop Practical Tools: Actively playing music together imparts practical group processing skills and applications that last beyond the drumming experience.

Meet Our Team

Phil Didlake, MT-BC

Founder and Drum Circle Facilitator

  • Kit Drummer & Musician
  • Mountain Biker
  • Snowboard & Longboarder 
  • Coffee-lover

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Joshua Parrott

Sound Production

  • Music Producer
  • Gamer
  • Naturalist
  • Cross-culture Explorer 

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Arthur Barinque

Sound Production

Spirit, forged by fire

Cooled by the waves of grace

Death and Creation connected

In this mysterious time and space

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Luis Augusto

Web Developer

  • Hiker
  • Board Game Collector
  • Wine Enthusiast
  • Musician

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