At Drum Innovation

We provide innovative drumming programs to bring teams, communities and organizations together through in-the-moment music making and shared joyful experiences. Our goal is to provide practical tools and takeaways that will transfer beyond the drumming experience.

Drum Innovation is committed to being…

Professionally Present
Our team is committed to showing up fully to best support your organization. Our team members combine their professional training and years of experience to provide the highest standard of drum circle facilitation.

Facilitation Focused
Our facilitators are skilled at making drumming fun and accessible for those who may have never drummed before. We engage the group by encouraging real conversations to give others the opportunity to contribute, collaborate, and work together.

Culturally Conscious
Our drum facilitators are aware that there are themes, stigmas and sensitivities that are sometimes associated to cultural group drumming events and drum circles. That’s why our drum facilitators celebrate your teams diversity and uniqueness while encouraging participants to find their own unique and authentic sound.

Meet Our Team

Phil Didlake, MT-BC

Founder and Drum Circle Facilitator

  • Kit Drummer & Musician
  • Mountain Biker
  • Snowboard & Longboarder 
  • Coffee-lover

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Jenny Madrigal, MT-BC

Marketing Coordinator

  • Musician
  • Foodie
  • Dog-lover
  • Cyclist 

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Joshua Parrott

Sound Production

  • Music Producer
  • Gamer
  • Naturalist
  • Cross-culture Explorer 

Luis Augusto

Web Developer

  • Hiker
  • Board Game Collector
  • Wine Enthusiast
  • Musician

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