Drum Innovation will use your team’s sounds to design an electronic play along track composed 100% of the sounds that your team creates. 

This track could be the jingle for your next product launch OR a backing track that you can create, play and share at your next virtual conference or special event. (some restrictions apply)

Check out some of the latest tracks that we have produced with teams at virtual events…

Rhythm Quest 2.0 with Autodesk team building with found sounds on Sep 17, 2020.
Produced by JAY ATE: @jay_ate

Rhythm Quest 2.0 Theme Song Release Party Sunday October 4th, 2020

Produced by JAY ATE: @jay_ate

Rhythm Quest 2.0 Pilot with friends and family on September 31st, 2020
Produced by @jay_ate

The Rhythm Quest concept was inspired during these remote times to facilitate music discovery through encouraging participants to explore their environment, utilizing the tools they already have in order to make, create, and innovate together virtually. 

This film was created in April 2020 in collaboration with Adventures in Writing Camp.

Drum Innovation is here to make this connection happen.

“I was looking for an “out of the ordinary” virtual team building event for a group of 35 people recently and discovered Drum Innovation online.  After reading up on their virtual offerings I contacted them directly to see what was possible. 

Phil Didlake (Director), contacted me promptly and together over the course of about 2 weeks we designed and developed a 45 minute Rhythm Quest group activity.  Phil was great to work with, he asked all the right questions to understand my attendees and our objectives for the event.  Phil did a great job facilitating our event bringing energy and engagement, getting us moving, laughing and enjoying each other in a playful way.

Since COVID has altered the way most of us have to operate our businesses, the team at Drum Innovation have done a great job pivoting, embracing technology and operating in a virtual world.”

S.B., Corporate Team’s Executive Assistant to the Vice President of Education

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