Special Events & Festivals

Looking for a fun, creative, and innovative way to bring everyone together through an experience that brings laughter, movement, and connection? Well, we are NOT a DJ but we are professionals at getting EVERYONE moving and drumming along to improvisational beats! 

Remote / Virtual
Send your team on a quest and design an electronic play-along track composed 100% of the sounds that your team creates.

In Person / Open Air

Drumming programs at a secured outside open air venue. All drums and equipment are sanitized before and after the event, we maintain social distancing through mic amplification and comply with local ordinances to assure in-person cap for events. Please inquire to learn more about our COVID- compliant safety and tracing practices.

Drum Innovation adapts to your theme, occasion, seating arrangements and time frame, including:

  • Weddings
  • Festivals
  • Reunions
  • Retreats
  • Celebrations
  • Conferences
  • Ceremonies 
  • Community Events

Joshua Tree Music Festival 2018

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Drum Innovation put on a truly engaging and lively performance! Families had the chance to play the instruments with each other, and had the time of their lives beating on drums together. Would highly recommend it to anyone looking for an energetic program and engaging personalities.”

T.J, Hemophilia foundation of Northern California

Interested in receiving group facilitation activities and rhythm games that could help energize your next meeting or party? 

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