How our booking and event process works…

Check for availability & fill out the request form

Check our Event Calendar for availability.

If there is availability and/or you are flexible on time, fill out the Book Your Program form. Provide an estimated number of participants, venue location (including online), and the desired theme or outcome. Once received, we will get back to you within 24 hours with an estimate.

Organization & Details

Our team will then work with you and your event organizers to go over transportation and set-up details. Together we will design the right drumming program so you know what to expect where and when.

On the Day of the Event

Drum Innovation travels to your location with all the drums, percussion and equipment.

For Rhythm Quest Online programs, a Zoom link (or similar platform) will be provided and managed by Drum Innovation.

Then sit back and enjoy the sound of your team connecting through music

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