Free Loop Pack 120bpm


These Drum Circle Loops are designed to be downloaded and used within a loop station. These are the “audio building blocks” that can be triggered and/or arranged in a way that best supports your group activity or online session. We hope this will be a resource for musicians, teachers, facilitators and movement instructors to help improve education, music therapy, drumming, exercise, and wellness-based programs.


  • Q. Are these loops FREE?
  • A. Yes
  • Q. How do I use these audio loops?
  • A. Save the files to your downloads or selected drive. Then import audio files into your digital audio workstation (DAW) or an app that supports audio loops. Make sure the beats per minute (BPM) is set to 120bpm. 
  • Q. Can I sell or make money off of these audio loops?
  • A. No, because that would not be cool.   
  • Q. Can I use these loops to perform and/or produce music?
  • A. We are open to collaborate, especially if you take the initiative to reach out to us.
  • Q. How can I support these efforts?
  • A. Sign up to our email form below and share this link with others and on social media!

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