Remote Song Building

Song building programs for teams.

Remote Song Building programs work well for…

  • Virtual Conferences
  • Remote Team Games
  • Product Launches
  • Jingle Creation
  • Promotional Content

Remote Song Building Programs offer a creative way to stay connected with your remote team.

Check out our Remote Song Building Programs…

Remote Song Building for Products


Build an electronic song made up from the sounds of your brand or product.

Group Size: 1-14 Per Song*
Preparation: 20 minutes – 2 hours
Virtual Studio Time: up to 2 hours

*Multiple group sessions available

  • Introduction & Tutorial Videos
  • 2 electronic song styles offered with 1 revision
  • Original mixed and mastered track  

Remote Song Building for Teams


Send your remote team on a quest to record sound and build an electronic song together.

Group Size: 5-20+ Per Session*
Preparation: 20 minute – 1 hour
Virtual Studio Time: 1 – 2 hours

*Multiple group sessions available

  • Introduction & Tutorial Videos
  • Facilitated Team Experience with a Sound Engineer
  • Original mixed and mastered track  

Online Events: How it Works

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Ready to drum up a powerful and innovative program?

We are here to help keep the rhythm going each step of the way in order to deliver the right online program for you.

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Start by filling out the Book Your Program form. Provide the date, an estimated number of participants and the desired theme or outcome. We will get back to you within 24 hours with an estimate.

RQ Original

Go on a quest to find sound.

With introduction and tutorial videos, we will send your team on a virtual quest to find and record sound.

Craft an original electronic song.

Sound files are collected and your team will have the opportunity to work with one of our sound engineers. Together you or your team will craft an original electronic song made entirely of the sounds you collect.

You will then receive your original electronic song and sample package.

Drum Innovation is ready to create a song with your team…

Check out the tracks we produced with remote teams at online events…


Rhythm Quest

“Phil did a great job facilitating our event bringing energy and engagement, getting us moving, laughing and enjoying each other in a playful way.

Since COVID has altered the way most of us have to operate our businesses, the team at Drum Innovation have done a great job pivoting, embracing technology and operating in a virtual world.”

S.B., Corporate Team’s Executive Assistant to the Vice President of Education

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