What is Rhythm Quest all about?

  • A creative process for making beats.
  • Learning accessible apps for digital music creation and collaboration.
  • Connecting to a supportive community.

Upcoming Events

Rhythm Quest programs work well for…

  • Conferences
  • Team Games
  • Product Launches
  • Jingle Creation
  • Promotional Content

Check out various Rhythm Quest Programs…

Rhythm Quest Song Building for Products


Build an electronic song from samples taken from processed experience or product.

Group Size: 1-14 Per Song*
Preparation: 20 minutes – 2 hours
Virtual Studio Time: up to 2 hours

*Multiple group sessions available

  • Introduction & Tutorial Videos
  • 2 electronic song styles offered with 1 revision
  • The original mixed and mastered track  

Rhythm Quest Song Building with Teams


Send your remote team on a quest to record sound and build an electronic song together.

Group Size: 5-20+ Per Session*
Preparation: 20 minute – 1 hour
Virtual Studio Time: 1 – 2 hours

*Multiple group sessions available

  • Introduction & Tutorial Videos
  • Facilitated Team Experience
  • The original mixed and mastered track  

Drum Innovation is ready to create a song with your team…

Check out the tracks we produced with remote teams at online events…


Rhythm Quest

“Phil did a great job facilitating our event bringing energy and engagement, getting us moving, laughing and enjoying each other in a playful way.

Since COVID has altered the way most of us have to operate our businesses, the team at Drum Innovation have done a great job pivoting, embracing technology and operating in a virtual world.”

S.B., Corporate Team’s Executive Assistant to the Vice President of Education

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