Rhythm Quest

What is Rhythm Quest all about?

  • A wellness-based creative process for making beats
  • Using cost-effective music-making apps that help capture your creative ideas anywhere
  • Connect, learn, and challenge your song-creation process in a supportive community

Rhythm Quest programs work well for…

  • Youth Programs
  • Conferences
  • Team Bonding Games
  • Product Launches
  • Jingle Creation
  • Promotional Content
RQ Original

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Team-Building Fast Track

2 Sessions

Build an original beat with your teams sound

Two 45-Minute Online Events: Events must be spread out and booked at least 24hours apart. 

Group Size: 5 – 30 participants (can be adapted for larger events).

Overview: Your team will be sent on a self-directed quest to find a sound. An intention, theme or additional “challenges” can be incorporated.

  • First 45-minute Event – Sound Collection 
  • Beat Making – Drop into our Online Studio 
  • Second 45-minute Event – Song Release Party

Team Bonding Benefits

  • Creating music together in a group is shown to increase comradery
  • Problem-solving through creativity and divergent thinking
  • Group process by using music as a metaphor
  • Questions can be adapted to help enhance a theme or to address specific goals 
  • Long-term benefit- Reminisce when sharing the song with other team members, friends, and groups after the event.

What You will Get

  • Original Mixed & Mastered Audio Track
  • Optional: Group Pictures and Video 
  • Invitation to our Exclusive Online Discord Community

Mobile Beat Making Track

5 Sessions

Build your own original beat using a mobile device

Five 45-Minute Online Events: All events must be spread out between at least 3 days or at most 2 weeks apart. 

Group Size: 5 – 30 participants (can be adapted for larger events).

Overview: Each participant is sent on a self-directed quest to create a beat using a mobile device. Our team will take you on a virtual tour to help utilize your mobile beat-making app and fine-tune your beat-making skills. We will help you along each step of the way from beat making, to collaboration, and finally to celebrate the completion of your finished track.

What you’ll learn:

  • A framework to help you to discover and develop new musical ideas.
  • A creative process that will help you stay organized and focused until song completion.
  • Tips on how to record and sample original music.
  • Enhance collaborative skills and get inspired by others in a supportive group setting.
  • Best practices for publishing and sharing your music with others and online.

Wellness Benefits

  • A wellness-based approach and intention setting when strategizing to use technology to create music.
  • Practice and develop social skills that support digital music collaboration
  • Provide a self-expressive outlet in a supportive environment
  • Develop problem-solving skills 
  • Promote self-directed learning

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Check out the tracks we produced at previous Rhythm Quest Online events…


Song Release Party March 13th, 2020
  • Jay-Ate
  • Gem Beats
  • giray
  • stage 2
  • Jamtown John
  • Drummer Phil
  • Chris
  • Coldhouse

“Phil did a great job facilitating our event bringing energy and engagement, getting us moving, laughing and enjoying each other in a playful way.

Since COVID has altered the way most of us have to operate our businesses, the team at Drum Innovation have done a great job pivoting, embracing technology and operating in a virtual world.”

S.B., Corporate Team’s Executive Assistant to the Vice President of Education

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