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Innovative Drumming Programs that help bring your team together.

Find the resonate frequency of your team.

Customized drumming programs can include: 

Nomination Celebration: It’s important to take a moment and celebrate your team’s accomplishments. That’s why we have developed a fun, energizing, and meaningful program to drum-up appreciation for key members of your team and celebrate accomplishments.  

Leadership Discovery: Lead by listening, follow and learn. This program is designed to teach, build and apply facilitation techniques that will provide a musical framework to bring your team together in the moment. Stand up and experience how fun it is to lead your team together through drumming and expressive music making.

Mission Fortification:  Your mission statement is the agreement that pulls your team together. Using this metaphor, your team will discover applications to better support the mission that drives your team forward.

Innovation Inspiration: Have you noticed how good ideas come to you when exercising, driving, or in the state of flow? Drumming provides this same opportunity to inspire innovation through creative drumming games, exercises, brainstorming, and problem solving breakout groups.    

Busting Burnout: This wellness focused drumming program is aimed to get out of our heads and into our bodies. Release blocks and challenges by “playing it out on your drum,” share self care practices, and find support in your team to help you show up fully. 

Theme Machine: Our drum innovation team will adapt to best represent your themed event. We will help bring your ideas to life.

We provide options to best meet your community…

Now booking Online & In-Person Drumming Programs

In-Person Drumming Programs

In Person

Drum Innovation travels to your venue and provides the drums, equipment, and a facilitated drumming program. (Learn more about our best practice and safety protocol)

Rhythm Quest Online

Online / Hybrid

Learn a creative process and wellness-based approach to building music online. Find your sound, share inspiration, overcome challenges, and create music together.

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“Drum Innovation did a GREAT job and I would not change a thing; exactly what we needed to cap our event. I look forward to working with Drum Innovation again.”   

T.R. Corporate Team VP

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