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In-person drumming programs take place at outside open air venues. Drums and equipment are sanitized and distanced apart. Please inquire to learn more about our best practices and safety protocols.

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Why Drumming?

Playing drums is the most accessible way for everyone to participate and experience the music-making process, especially for first-time drummers! New forms of rhythmic expression are explored through the drumming process that help enrich growth and deepen connections among your team members.

Discover the Benefits

Accessible: No prior experience is required and there are no wrong notes. We have a number of different drum and percussion instruments to choose from in order to make sure that no one is left out.

Evidence-Based: Neurologic research shows evidence that there is a link between music improvisation and language. There also seems to be a stronger social commitment and connection experienced when individuals synchronize together when drumming.

Wellness Focused: Drumming helps to connect the mind and body to the present moment. This helps the mind to better organize thoughts about self, the connection to the group, and to inspire new ways to use these relationships to best move forward to achieve goals.  

Instant Success: Our trained facilitators help teams discover their natural ability to entrain and then use this agreed pulse to build an interactive musical experience. Also the natural joy of playing the drums is infectious, playful, and rewarding.

Develop Practical Tools: Actively playing music together imparts practical group processing skills and applications that last beyond the drumming experience. Please inquire about our evidence-based drumming models and case study options.

Our Innovative Drum Programs 

Check out the various drumming programs that will make your next event a HIT!

Teams & Companies

Innovative drumming programs designed to celebrate teams and companies coming together.

Special Events & Festivals

From weddings, reunions and celebrations, to all types of festivals and community events. Drum Innovation is sure to make your next event a HIT!

Rhythm Quest

Send your team on a virtual quest and design an electronic play-along track composed 100% of the sounds that your team creates.

Online Song Building Programs offer a creative way to stay connected with your remote team.

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Rhythm Quest

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