Innovative Drumming Programs for Team Building and Special Events

Now booking Remote / Virtual & In Person / Open Air Drumming Programs

Remote / Virtual
Send your team on a quest and design an electronic play-along track composed 100% of the sounds that your team creates.

In Person / Open Air
In-person drumming programs at a secured outside open air venue. All drums and equipment are sanitized before and after the event, we maintain social distancing through mic amplification and comply with local ordinances to assure in-person cap for events. Please inquire to learn more about our COVID- compliant safety and tracing practices.

Why Drumming?

Playing drums is the most accessible way for everyone to participate and experience the music-making process, even for first-time drummers! New forms of rhythmic expression are explored through the drumming process that help enrich growth and deepen connections among your team members.

Discover the Benefits

Accessible: No prior experience is required and there are no wrong notes. We have a number of different drum and percussion instruments to choose from in order to make sure that no one is left out.

Cost – Effective: Reduce employee turnover rates and improves camaraderie (HEALTHRhythms 6 week program reduced employee turnover by 18.3%)

Evidence Based: Neurologic research shows evidence that there is a link between music improvisation and language. There also seems to be a connection that individuals experience who join together in rhythmic drumming that results in a stronger social commitment.

Wellness Focused: Drumming helps to synchronize the mind and body to the present moment. This helps the mind to better organize thoughts about self, the connection to the group, and to inspire new ways to use these relationships to best move forward to achieve goals.  

Instant Success: Our trained facilitators help teams discover their natural ability to synchronize and then use this pulse to build an interactive musical platform. Also the joy of playing/shaking/scraping something that makes a cool sound is infectious, playful, and rewarding.

Develop Practical Tools: The process of having to work together and play music transfers practical tools and applications that last beyond the drumming experience. Please inquire about our evidence-based drumming models and case study options.

Check out the various drumming programs that will make your next event a HIT!

Our Innovative Drum Programs 

Team Building

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We combine an ancient practice, natural human ability, and evidence based methods to bring innovative drumming programs with lasting results.

Special Events & Festivals

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From weddings, reunions, celebrations, to all types of festivals and community events. Drum Innovation is sure to make your next event a HIT!

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Send your team on a quest and design an electronic play-along track composed 100% of the sounds that your team creates

How it Works

Ready to drum up a powerful and innovative program for your next event or occasion?

We are here to help design and deliver the right program for your event and we will keep the rhythm going each step of the way. Learn more about how we go above and beyond drumming to deliver the right program to your organization.

Design Your Program

Using the online form, check availability for the time of your event and provide the number of participants, venue location (or remote program), and the desired theme or outcome. We will get back to you within 24 hours and give you a quote.

Let’s Talk Details

Our team will then work with you and your event organizers to go over every aspect of your event, choosing the right drumming program, set-up details and what to expect where and when. For remote / virtual programs, we provide access to registration links, tutorials and introduction videos.

On the Day of the Event

For +In Person / Open Air events, Drum Innovation travels to your location with all the drums, percussion and equipment.

For Remote / Virtual events, we use studio quality audio equipment, soundcheck and offer walkthrough for proper audio optimization.

Then sit back and enjoy an energetic and innovative drumming program that will bring your team together!

Team Building Testimonials

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The Drum Innovation team is amazing.

A.M. Director of CAST non-profit organization

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